Introducing the Pegasus 45.30

Pegasus 45.30
lbs Capacity
foot lift height

The 45.30 model is the newest member of the Pegasus family: natural evolution of the series, it is a compact vehicle that further to the usual strength and reliability of the previous models, incorporates new features that increase its performance. The first is the 170 HP 4-cylinder FPT Stage 4/Final 4 Aftercooler Turbo engine coupled to an electronically-controlled hydrostatic transmission that provides great power and immediate response to stress. The hydraulic and fuel tanks have been increased, allowing longer refueling intervals. The hydraulic system, in particular, has been improved, allowing more rapid and precise movements of the boom and the equipment, also thanks to the LOAD SENSING-FLOW SHARING variable flow pump that allows the simultaneity of all the movements.

Even the chassis has undergone a significant evolution: the hydraulic system changes have allowed the adoption of a new rotation group, with improved fifth wheel and engine for more precise and quick movements even under load. The lifting boom, equipped with 4 proportional extensions, reaches a maximum height of 98 meters. The use of the wide range of equipment is facilitated by an automatic recognition system. The machine can also be equipped with remote control (optional), provided with display, which ensures a perfect control of all the functions of each lifting equipment such as winches, crane extensions and man baskets. The machine is perfectly level even when working on slopes or particularly uneven terrain thanks to the outriggers automatic leveling system. Furthermore, the automatic alignment of the wheels improves the driving comfort during the maneuvering operations in confined environments, where repeated changes of the steering mode may be necessary (from 2 to 4 steering wheels and vice versa). Inside the cabin, the full control of the vehicle is ensured by a double capacitive joystick with CANBUS system, which measures the best working and safety parameters through an in-depth diagnostics, displayed in real time on the new color touchscreen dual display with 3.5″ and 7″ screens.

The “ECOWORK” system combined with the joystick allows increased fuel savings, drawing power to the Diesel engine only when required. The already excellent cab comfort features (ROPS -FOPS approved and equipped with all safety devices and air conditioning) are further improved by the adoption of a new SMART navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the machine: driving modes, minimum RPM control, forward speed and diagnostics.