The a55.19 is made for general construction, landscaping, lumber yards, nursery, industrial, agricultural and concrete work applications. Gorgeous comfortable cab. Easy low-profile side access and an over-sized window. Unlike skid steer loaders, the operator does not have to step over the top of the attachment. Interchange skid steer attachments with a skid steer adapter. The Dieci a55.19 is designed with a very low machine height, tight turning radius, compact footprint and a side mounted Kubota diesel engine with power to burn. The four-wheel drive traction will allow operators to walk over a snow pile. Low-access buildings, barns, quonsets and parking garages are not a problem. When the job site is crowded, the last thing needed is another big machine to maneuver. The Dieci Super Compact a55.19 gets the job done. This machine is not only maneuverable with its three steering modes, but it can also lift, dump, place and reach. Ready for the most crowded of job sites, these machines are the perfect combination of agility, comfort and versatility.

lbs Capacity
foot lift height

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  • Maximum lifting capacity

    5500 lbs

  • Maximum Lift Height

    19 feet

  • Tier 4 Engine

    Kubota 74.3

  • Maximum Speed

    18.6 MPH

  • Overall Length

    162 Inches

  • Overall Height

    77 Inches

  • Overall Width

    73 Inches

  • Total Weight (empty)

    10803 lbs