Pivot T60

With 4 models to choose from, coupled with a wide range of dedicated, high quality attachments, there is a Dieci Pivot machine to fit your needs. Our ISO 24410 (universal skid steer plate) means full interchangeability with skid loader attachments and our large 30 degree output angle makes moving and off-road applications a breeze. Our central articulation system, designed by Dieci engineers to allow for maximum operator control while maneuvering. The machine footprint is always determined by the front and read wheels, ensuring that the operator will never hit obstacles with the vehicle rear when operating.

lbs Capacity
foot lift height

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Pivot T60

  • Maximum lifting capacity

    4850 lbs

  • Maximum Lift Height

    15 feet

  • Tier 4 Engine

    Kubota 74.3

  • Maximum Speed

    18.6 MPH

  • Overall Length

    237 Inches

  • Overall Height

    98 Inches

  • Overall Width

    79 Inches

  • Total Weight (empty)

    13270 lbs

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