Built using components of the latest generation and backed up by the generous performance of the propulsion units, the hydrostatic transmission allows fluid and precise maneuvers.

  • Hydrostatic drive with variable displacement pump
  • Hydrostatic engine with automatic adjustment
  • Electrical – hydraulic inversion
  • Inching pedal for controlled advancement

Dieci’s open-center hydrostatic system working with Spicer axles and drive shafts puts the power to the ground. Try to get it stuck. The powerful and efficient drive system enables a Dieci telehandler to work flexibly and precisely in the most demanding situations. Dana drives are used by virtually every major off highway vehicle manufacturer. Dana has a track record for traction, steering and reliability in rough terrain. The transmission is hydrostatically powered by a premium Rexroth variable displacement pump and motor. Two-speed gear changing and reverse is smooth and automatic – provided by a servo controlled electric-over hydraulic system. The planetary reduction provides ample four-wheel drive traction.

Standard on most models


The Vario System transmission ensures that the right speed-to-power ratio is always available, whatever the operating conditions. The continuously variable speed from 0 to 22 mph and the inching pedal ensure maximum power is available at all operating speeds. The new P-ECS (Power-Efficiency Control System) is a new concept in engine management, which provides fuel savings of up to 30%.


This transmission has been studied to provide a continuous power to the wheels without the need to change gear. This will allow the operator to always have the right power on all types of ground and in all conditions of stress.

4 work modes

Enables the best speed / power ratio under any operating condition, thus enabling unbeatable fluidity of movement and pinpoint accuracy in small movements.

  • NORMAL – suitable for driving on the road with top speeds of 24mph and great towing capacity
  • ECO – perfect to obtain a considerable consumption reduction
  • LOADER – ideal for load and push situations, enables better execution of controls to supply much safer power to the equipment, thus reducing top speed
  • CREEPER – a perfect combination between power and maneuvering speed, avoiding the classic problems of sinking

Electro-hydraulic reversing gear
Drive Mode: Automotive / Loader / Creeper / Eco
Electronic inching pedal


Manual / Automatic gearbox with 6 forward, 3 in reverse and an inching pedal, which ensure maximum power at all operation speeds.

  • Torque converter transmission
  • Electro-hydraulic reversing gear
  • Power Shift Gear box
  • 6 forward gears / 3 reverse gears